Introducing our Intro Video

Introducing our Intro Video

by Hung Mai, AuD


Greetings from Ample Hearing in Kenner, LA! My name is Hung Mai, audiologist and owner of Ample Hearing. We're excited about our Introduction video just published on our YouTube channel. Check it out below!


While I spent my early career practicing on the west coast, I'm glad to be back home to my roots in southern Louisiana. Closer to family and friends. As we reflect on our first year of operations in Kenner, I’d like to share a few observations:

  • What a wonderful community!  All over Jefferson Parish, NOLA, to the St. Charles Parish, we're grateful to meet some wonderful folks in the community.  We've learned so much on the daily. Thank you for inspiring us to do what we do!
  • The Stigma of Getting Old due to wearing hearing aids is still there, but nowhere nearly as bad as it used to be; likely, due to so many people wearing electronic gadgets in their ears nowadays. It's becoming normalized. Thanks Apple Airpods!
  • Hearing care is definitely NOT one size fit all! We’ve seen it all: From the tiniest to the largest, the straightest to the curviest, the cleanest to the wettest waxiest ear canals, the slightest to the most severe hearing loss, and everything in between. No two ears are alike. And it's all good.
  • There are many long-time hearing aid users that are not doing great with their current hearing aids.  We found that most purchased online with inappropriate technology, poor physical fit, inadequate power, or no follow-up service whatsoever.  Sometimes we can help by reprogramming the current devices. Sometimes we have to start over.  Either ways, don’t give up on better hearing.
  • Take it Easy. The first year of setting up shop has not been easy. In the midst of the chaos, I forget to appreciate what's in front of me. Being away from NOLA for so long, I forgot how special of a city it is. NOLA has a distinct sound and soul that can't be replicated. On the west coast, they call it "a vibe". Must remember to breathe and take it all in more often.



Our logo was designed to reflect our mission:  

To help people hear their best.  

The sun rising above the wave represents optimism through better hearing.  We hope better hearing will help people have a more enjoyable, productive day.  


We believe the most optimal hearing is achieved through combining innovative technology with best practices, along with good old fashion hands-on follow up services. As hearing technologies rapidly evolve, we’re excited.  Being an independent practice, we have access to all of the top hearing aid brands. On top of that, we tailor-fit them to each individual to ensure proper fitting using the gold-standard Real-Ear Measurements. Lastly, our practice is accessible with ample parking for easy follow up visits...and it doesn't hurt that there's a ton of good food in our plaza, in case you're hungry.

Let us know if we can help you or a loved one.  For a hearing evaluation or to test out the latest hearing technology, call (504) 375-3075 or click on the link below to request an appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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