Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Your First Step to Better Hearing

At Ample Hearing, our audiologist will accurately diagnose your hearing with a thorough hearing evaluation. It starts with a standard diagnostic hearing test, followed by additional tests and consultation if hearing loss is detected. Let’s find out if it’s actually hearing loss, earwax, or something else.

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Audiological Evaluation

Diagnostic Hearing Test

Our simple, painless 3-step process to determine your hearing status within 30 minutes:

1. It starts with a thorough case history to understand your needs & history.

2. Your ears will be examined for wax or any other issues in the outer ear with a video otoscope.  You'll be able to see inside your own ears.  

3. If all is clear, we then walk you into the sound-booth to set you up for the hearing test, which measures the softest sound you can hear at different pitch tones, your speech understanding ability & sound tolerance levels. 

The results give us a snapshot of your current hearing status uncovering what type, how much, and the probable cause of your hearing loss. We review results in an easy-to-understand manner, so you can have a full understanding of your hearing health. A copy of the results will be printed and/or emailed for your records. If a medical referral is needed, we will provide the appropriate referral.

Middle Ear Test

If needed, middle ear testing can be performed to help diagnose the type of hearing loss.  Middle ear issues make it harder for sounds to travel through the ear, resulting in common complaints such as sounds being “muffled, stuffy, or like underwater”.  

The most common middle ear test known as tympanometry measures the eardrum movement to check for any possible middle ear issues such as a punctured eardrum, fluid trapped behind eardrum, ear infections, Eaustachian tube dysfunction, and more.  

Another middle-ear test called acoustic reflex involves sending multiple loud beeps into the ear to stimulate the middle-ear muscles.  This helps with determining the type of hearing loss.  These test typically take no more than ten minutes and are performed as needed. 

Functional Hearing Assessment

If the standard diagnostic hearing test results in a hearing loss, the next step is the Functional Hearing Assessment to find the appropriate hearing solution.  The Functional Hearing Assessment is a one hour appointment to learn more in-depth of your hearing challenges.  A personalized treatment plan is created based on your hearing loss, lifestyle needs, and budget.  

The Functional Hearing Assessment helps us answer the following: 

  • How well do you understand speech in noise? 
  • How can you improve listening in noise? 
  • What technology level is sufficient? 
  • Which style of device would be easy to handle based on your dexterity? 
  • Which features are necessary to meet your lifestyle needs? 
  • Is it compatible with your phone? 
  • How to address specific communication challenges in your daily life?
  • Is the “invisible” style suitable for your ear canals and hearing loss? 
  • If budget is a concern, what are more affordable options? 
  • What are realistic expectations based on your hearing  loss? 
  • Etc.

Start Your Hearing Wellness Journey

Many insurances may cover the diagnostic hearing test. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help with checking your insurance eligibility.  Note: If you’re a traditional Medicare Part B member, your physician referral is needed for Medicare to pay for the hearing test.

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