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Ear Wax Removal

A little bit of earwax is fine and actually good for your ears. Too much earwax becomes a problem. At Ample Hearing, we can help you clear your ears quickly, safely, and painlessly with a variety of methods.

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Customer receiving ear wax removal at Ample Hearing

While there's plenty of do-it-yourself earwax cleaning products that may be helpful for milder cases, the more severe cases should be handled by a professionally trained ear specialist. An initial case history helps determine a safe, effective plan for removal using a combination of manual instruments, suction, irrigation, and/or softening agents. The procedure typically takes 15-30 minutes but can take up to several days for rare extreme cases.

What is Cerumen (earwax) Impaction?

Cerumen impaction is when you ear canal is mostly or totally blocked with so much earwax that it affects your well-being. It can lead to temporary hearing loss, ear aches, infection, ringing in the ears, and even a punctured ear drum.

Common causes of cerumen impaction are using q-tips, wearing earbuds, hearing aids, or hearing protection, certain health conditions causing overproduction of earwax, narrowly shaped ear canals, too much hair in canal, or excessive sweating.

Now Offering the Earigator

The Earigator was designed by an otologist (ear physician) for an efficient way to clear out earwax quickly and safely.

- The water temperature is constantly regulated to match body temperature for utmost comfort and to avoid risk of dizzy side-effects.

- The water pressure is just enough to break down the most stubborn earwax without endangering the eardrum.

- Irrigation can be used for most ears except for those with punctured eardrums or recent ear infections within the last 60 days.

Put down the Q-tips!

If you're having symptoms of earwax impaction, contact us for a professional ear cleaning. We can typically schedule you within a few days. One ear = $95 / Both ears = $150

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