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Try it First, Pressure-Free

For those considering hearing aids for the first time or perhaps replacing older hearing aids, we offer the opportunity to test out the latest technology at home first before committing. We have a limited amount of the latest hearing aid trial sets reserved for those who are ready and qualify.

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Our ultimate goal for the Hearing Aid Test Trial is to inspire those struggling with hearing impairment to be able to experience better hearing with no pressure. While hearing is one of the most valuable human senses that connects us to the world, it is also very neglected and under-treated. It is estimated that only about one-fifth of those with hearing loss actually seek treatment, and those who seek treatment take about seven years to do so.

Hearing Aid Test Trial Simple Process

  1. Make an appointment for a hearing assessment to determine if you're a hearing aid candidate.
  2. Take home a set of the latest hearing aids to test out at home.  No commitment or deposit required.
  3. Take your time evaluating which hearing aid suits you best.

*Few scenarios that prohibits the Test Trial are when  insurance requires using a third-party group such as TruHearing or if you're a better candidate for custom-style hearing aids. In those cases, you will have a 30 - 60 day trial period after purchasing the hearing aids.

Tips for the Trial

- Wear the hearing aids in your typical day-to-day environments to experience the difference.

- Getting used to hearing your own voice louder takes time. At home, read a good book or sing aloud to train your brain to adjust to your voice.

- If you feel overwhelmed, give your ears a break by taking the hearing aids out and storing it away until you're ready again.

- While you'll have a scheduled follow-up appointment, do not hesitate to call us for any questions or concerns.

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Experience better hearing today!

Are you ready to test out the latest technology in the real world? Let’s start with a proper hearing assessment to find the right technology for you to start with.

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